School Transformation Workshops

Project outcomes are only as good as the planning and support mechanisms in place to drive the implementation phases.

Structure guidance is critical to ensure an all inclusive change process. This phase is about starting a conversation. Through this, organizations can revisit existing plans and create room for new thinking.

Before starting the workshops, please download the Schools Transformation Workshop Facilitator Guide.

OneNote School Transformation Workshop Facilitator Guide
(OneNote 2013)

Steps to School Transformation Workshops

This series of strategic workshops provides a structure and set of tools to encourage innovation in your school. The workshops have also been designed to support building capacity within your organization, increasing the collective power of people to move systems forward by developing innovative practices. Half a day workshops, Medium groups sizes (10 to 20), unless otherwise stated. 

Skill workshops

This series of workshops provides additional support to manage innovation in your school. These are stand-alone workshops and can be used in any sequence and at any time in support of the strategic workshops. Medium groups sizes (10 to 20), unless otherwise stated. 

Learning to lead change

The Fullan Workshop Series:

Timing and group size optional. This set of workshops supports a deeper understanding of the key drivers in the change process. The workshops encourage the development of innovative approaches to transformed practice.

-Download all Fullan PDFs (ZIP, 36mb) 
-Download all Fullan Videos (ZIP, 528mb)

Microsoft in Education- Redefining Learning Conferences

The Redefining Learning Conference (RLC) is a stage for inspired teachers and leaders to share their vision and thought leadership in education and technology with their peers. A collaboration with Microsoft Showcase Schools, this series of events helps to foster a deep understanding of how schools can use technology to reach their goals to transform the teaching and learning environment. The conference is hosted by schools from across the globe and showcases innovative use of Microsoft technology to improve the educational experience in the classroom. The RLC draws upon the voices of inspiring school leaders, Microsoft Innovative Educators and active and informed students.

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Redefining Learning