What if: Reimagining Learning Spaces



The Big Picture Company is a non-profit organization dedicated to a fundamental redesign of public schooling through personalized learning and school-to-community partnerships. More than 50 schools are using its model in Australia, the Netherlands and the U.S.

More than 50 schools are using its model in Australia , the Netherlands and the U.S. The Big Picture Company has almost 50 schools in the US using its model of personalized learning and school-to-community connections, and the model is being used in other countries including the Netherlands and Australia.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Ways in which online platforms can be used to manage and assess student work
  • How to share schools' resources and communicate within and beyond school
  • How technology can support the personalized learning agenda

Key points:

  • Schools must be personalized, educating one student at a time.
  • Learning is a process of growth and change that is accentuated by the creation of quality products.
  • A school cannot exist in a vacuum, separate from the community