UNESCO Competency Framework for Teachers



This paper sets out a framework for global ICT competency standards for teachers worldwide. This initiative has been supported by key industry partners who provide ongoing professional development. It aims to prepare teachers for the challenges of 21st Century education to ensure that their students have all the skills required to support economic development and growth.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Provide a framework around which to develop ongoing professional development
  • Identify a 'skills ladder' to integrate into ICT professional development and support decision making
  • Make the connection between teacher competency, innovation, education and economic reform


Key points:

  • Technology literacy, knowledge deepening and knowledge creation are supported through technology and can support economic and education reform
  • New technologies require new teacher roles, new pedagogies, and new approaches to teacher professional development
  • Teacher professional development has an impact only if it is focused on specific changes in teacher classroom behaviors and particularly if the professional development is ongoing and aligned with other changes in the educational system