Professional Learning Communities



This resource developed by Microsoft will enable your school to build its own Professional Learning Community (PLC). This practical guide provides information on the key steps required by an organization in order to develop a lasting and productive PLC. Each step is outlined with clear guidance and with links to further resources. The guide will take you through the process of assessing your schools' existing PLC activity, if any, and move you forwards to enhanced sharing and the building of sustainable teams.


Innovation summary

Professional learning communities (PLCs) are social groupings of new and experienced educators who come together over time for the purpose of gaining new information, reconsidering previous knowledge and beliefs, and building on their own and others' ideas and experiences in order to work on a specific agenda intended to improve practice and enhance students' learning in K–12 schools and other educational settings.


Key points:

  1. Explore existing collaboration happening in your school
  2. Learn how to build sustainable innovation groups
  3. Address key organizational goals through professional teams