Microsoft's Peer Coaching Program



The Peer Coaching Program is designed to help schools implement a professional development model that can enhance standards-based instruction by assisting teachers to offer students engaging, technology rich, learning activities. The Peer Coaching Program is designed to train teacher leaders to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. As coaches, these teachers will assist their peers in identifying ways to enhance standards-based instruction and to offer their students engaging, technology-rich, learning activities. In doing so, peer coaches will help their colleagues to develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies needed to integrate technology into teaching and learning.


Innovation summary

Coaches assist teachers to develop the skills and strategies needed for classroom use of technology by:

  • Planning technology-rich activities or projects with individual teachers.
  • Identifying resources or strategies necessary for successful learning activities.
  • Modeling or team-teaching lessons that integrate technology and engaging learning strategies.
  • Reflecting or debriefing on learning activities.

This program contains all the workshops, resources, and links to forums and communities of practice you and your school will need to run this innovative program.


Key points:

  1. What are the most successful models/ examples of coaching?
  2. How is coaching different from teaching?
  3. What are the wider benefits to your school of using a peer coaching model?