New Tech Foundation on Innovative Schools



New Technology Foundation is a school development organization that supports a growing network of 21st Century high schools based on the New Technology High School Model.

New Tech Foundation CEO Susan Schilling offers an overview of the New Tech High School Model in a 21-minute presentation at the 2006 Schools of the Future Summit. This presentation explains the organization's vision for 21st Century teaching and learning and features the ways that vision is manifest in its schools.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Explore how technology supports students and teachers, including the use of digital portfolios to demonstrate students' learning throughout their high school years.
  • How to integrate project-based learning across disciplines to engage learners.
  • Access a network of schools involved in education reform.


Key points:

  • Teaching and learning can be re-invented for the 21st Century by offering a proven model and a fully integrated suite of tools designed to facilitate the creation and management of a relevant and engaging 21st Century education.
  • Glass walls and open classrooms encourage collaboration through projects.