Lumiar School's Mosaic Curriculum



In this essay Partners in Learning advisor Eduardo Chavez describes the rationale underlying the Mosaic curriculum developed for Lumiar School in Brazil. Beyond just a curriculum, Mosaic is an approach to teaching and learning that puts the student in the center of a personalized schooling process. This essay is part of the 2007 Microsoft Partners in Learning Progress report. You can learn more by viewing the slides.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Explore the pedagogical vision for education, learning and schooling.
  • What are the critical components for developing a matrix of competencies?
  • What are the principles behind developing a project-based learning approach?

Key points:

  • The use of technology in education is likely to be merely reformative, or even conservative, in the developed world, while being more transformative in the developing world.



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