Lucas Foundation on Innovative Schools



The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) is a non-profit organization that encourages and supports innovation in K-12 schools. Edutopia is the name of its magazine and website. The site features articles, videos, lessons, and an online community to share and celebrate best 21st Century practices.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Explore how project learning, a dynamic approach to teaching allows students to explore real-world problems and challenges.
  • Explore 6 core concepts which are at the heart of the educational change debate.


Key points:

  • The six core concepts at the heart of educations are: project learning, social and emotional learning, technology integration, teacher development, comprehensive assessment and integrated studies.
  • Innovation should be the rule in schools and not an exception.
  • Schools should be a place for inspiration, aspiration and an urgent belief that improving education improves the world we live in.


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