Microsoft IT Planning Guides



This is a set of three Education IT Planning Guides created by Microsoft to aid the planning and development process for those responsible for planning, procuring and implementing a new model of learning supported by IT.

  1. The Envisioning Guide contains an overview of the practical process to help you create your own vision of the future school and what transformed learning will look like. 

  2. The Business Value Guide describes how additional value can be gained through the complementary and appropriate use of IT, and indicates routes to deliver that value. The guide is intended for local governments, schools and suppliers.

  3. The Technology Guide describes a technology baseline which can be used as a benchmark for the provision of IT-related services within the educational environment, and links to the ideas.


Innovation summary

These resources highlight key areas for developing better learning outcomes for students through the innovative uses of technology. Firstly, by creating a clear and shared vision for your school and what you want to achieve by using technology. Secondly, by understanding more clearly the key challenges and changes required to make this change happen and thirdly an overview of the technical concepts and technologies that Microsoft can provide to help underpin your visions and turn them into reality.


Key points:

  • Where do you want your school to go?
  • How can technology support your goals?
  • Who are your key stakeholders in the change process?
  • What technology is there available to help you achieve your goals?