Guidance for exploring PBL Activities



Guidance for Project-Based Learning Activities is a tool for investigating existing PBL curricula as well as for revising or developing your own.
You can learn more by reviewing recordings of two September 2007 Innovative Schools Program Virtual Meetings on project-based learning.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Use this tool to evaluate what is positive in a lesson and what might be improved. It is organized around the principles of the research-based How People Learn framework and can be used to examine how well each of the HPL principles is embedded in the design of an activity.


Key points:

There are 4 principles which drive developing PBL activities:

  • Help students build deep knowledge and understanding.
  • Engage students' interest and prior understanding.
  • Develop students' “metacognition” and prepare them for future learning.
  • Expand individual's capabilities by using collaboration and technology tools in ways that enhance learning.



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