Education Competencies Wheel



Educators have adapted the competency wheel tool used in Microsoft's hiring and professional development practices as a tool for improving school leadership development. Explore this resource on the Microsoft Education Competencies website. Start by clicking 'watch the video' and you'll see Partners in Learning Academic Program Manager Stacey Rainey describing the competencies and how to use them in a 25-minute step-by-step orientation.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Explore through an interactive process the full range of characteristics needed to help a school district achieve its organizational goals and vision.
  • Use the Competencies to define a job profile, assess candidate competence, and plan for personal and professional growth.
  • Create a development plan with the education competencies.


Key points:

  • Competencies describe the functional and behavioral qualities that an individual must possess in order to help an organization achieve success.
  • There are six qualities or success factors which have been identified:
    • Individual excellence
    • Organization skills
    • Courage
    • Results
    • Strategic skills
    • Operating skills