UK - Building Schools for the Future



A collection of materials related to the UK BSF and specifically to the Knowsley district (UK), where reforms extend beyond secondary to include primary and special needs schools. The focus of these materials is using technology to enhance learning spaces. There are also links to documents from Futurelab exploring the future of learning and how learning spaces can be developed. The United Kingdom's Building Schools for the Future project is about transforming the country's secondary educational system to embrace 21st Century challenges.


Innovation summary

How this resource can support you along the innovation continuum:

  • Explore support material to go through an envisioning process which is critical in the process of innovation.
  • Explore the importance of school reorganization and impact on reform.
  • What are the educational visions and debates needed to underpin the design of new educational institutions?
  • What are the digital resources which may reshape the practice of learning in the 21st Century?

Key points:

  • We need to start by asking: 'what if things could be very, very different'?
  • The possibilities that arise from ubiquitous, pervasive (in everything) and ambient (part of the constant background) technologies potentially change ways in which learning may occur.