Microsoft Technology Blueprint for Schools



As the world becomes more dependent on technological advances, planning for and managing technology become more and more essential. And although prudent management of technology is important to business and governments, it is perhaps even more critical to educational institutions, which frequently have very limited resources so that the cost of failure can be extremely high. 

The Microsoft Technology Blueprint for Primary and Secondary Schools provides guidance to assist educational institutions in fully utilizing their current technology and migrating from their current state to a more efficient and effective institution.

This resource is aimed at school IT professionals, consultants, and systems architects.


Innovation summary

A step by step guide with access to further resources and online support designed to help IT support staff and education decision makers plan for IT upgrades for the schools. In addition, the Blueprint provides a means for the staff to identify gaps in their environment that prevent them from moving forward with plans to increase the use of technology in schools, as well as to identify where additional technology gains can be made with the existing deployments.  Finally it provides the foundation for a scalable, safe computing environment upon which the school can build additional services.


Key points

  1. Why is a robust and planned IT infrastructure important?
  2. What are the challenges you might face and how can they b
  3. What is meant by e-maturity?