Case Studies

A number of case studies and written materials are available on These resources are extensive and should be drawn upon to construct further case studies for debate.

Case studies can also be found in the media – it is useful to have a method for collecting ideas throughout the year; perhaps nominate someone to do it, use a Wiki site or gather links to sites conducting similar searches.

There are thousands of schools trying a multitude of interesting ideas – this section provides an opportunity for teachers to learn the skills of interpretation and contextualisation required to make use of this information.


WebReview: Education Case Studies & Showcase Schools and other Microsoft in Education stories.


VideoVideo Case Study: Microsoft Showcase Schools.



Microsoft in Education Blog: Access latest blogs from Microsoft in Education.


Microsoft Showcase Schools


Microsoft Showcase Schools are an output of inspired leadership, expert innovative educators and creative and confident students. In Showcase Schools,  leaders have demonstrated a strong vision for educational change, and have applied this vision to transforming their schools.

Here are their stories: